We have school carnival bookings coming up in the next few weeks.

SCHOOL                                                DAY              DATE                    TIME            AREA
Undercliffe Public School Monday 25th February 8:30-3:00 50M
Carlton Public School Tuesday 26th February 8:30-3:00 50M
Marrickville West Public School Wednesday 27th February 8:30-3:00 50M
All Saints Grammar and Primary Thursday 28th February 8:30-3:00 50M
St Marys St Mina’s College Friday 1st March 8:30-3:00 50M
Christian Schools Zone Carnival Monday 4th March 8:30-3:00 50M
Georges River Zone Carnival Tuesday 5th March 8:30-3:00 50M
Botany Bay Zone Carnival Friday 8th March 8:30-3:00 50M
Wiley Park Zone Wednesday 13th March 8:30-3:00 50M
SWISSA Zone Carnival Friday 22nd March 8:30-3:00 50M

Please take note of the following dates for carnivals as this will affect access to the pools between 9.30am and 3.00pm

A $2.50 spectator fee is payable for any parents wanting to attend the carnivals.

Please check the lane availability for exact lanes available.

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