About the Program

The BlueFit traineeship is purposely designed around the needs and interests of year 11 and 12 students who are eager to begin their career pathway in the sport and recreation industry, or endeavouring to complete vocational education through their HSC studies while also being paid to work in the field. As a BlueFit trainee you will become an integral part of our BlueFit family that we pride ourselves on. You will be immersed into a working environment that is fast paced and exciting, matched with a friendly team and a great support system. You will build your knowledge base and skills in a variety of different departments relevant to the industry and also have the opportunity to continue employment with Blue Fit once you have completed the traineeship program.

Working Requirements

To complete the School Based Traineeship you are required to complete 1 00 days of work over the 2 year period ( 700 hours). Our School Based Traineeship is designed to not interfere with your schooling. Following a permanent part time roster, you will have one regular weekly shift, making it very accessi­ble to complete your hours. There will also be extra paid work available on weekends, public holidays and school holidays to allow you to take time off for your trials and HSC exam periods.

BlueFit Trainee Roles

As a BlueFit Trainee, you will be trained across as many departments as possible. We will aim to give you a holistic understanding on how aquatic and leisure centres work, while at the same time, giving you opportunities to find your strengths and passions within the industry. The majority of your traineeship will revolve around the core roles of the program, however you will have opportunity to explore electives.

Student Welfare

As a Blue Fit trainee you will be highly valued as a Blue Fit staff member and become part of the BlueFit family. We under­stand the commitment and pressures of HSC students and therefore offer ongoing support to all trainees throughout the program. You will have an assigned trainee advisor/coordinator from the start to the finish of the traineeship, who is available to help with all aspects of your traineeship.You will also have yearly performance reviews to ensure you are on the right pathway and that your interests and needs are being met as a young adult, working in most likely your first job. We also have a tutoring program and tutors available for HSC study support if this is ever needed along your journey.

Further Employment and Training Opportunities

After you have successfully completed your traineeship within the 2 year period, you will have the opportunity to continue your employment with BlueFit in a permanent part-time, full-time or casual capacity. We hope by the end of your school based traineeship, that you have identified your interests within the sport and recreation industry and have decided on a possible future career path you would like to take. If you do choose to stay within the industry, we offer you ongoing support and flexibility for you to undertake further training or qualifications in areas that interest you and work your way up into senior roles within the company.

Traineeship Expression of Interest

Enrol in our traineeship program and get the benefits of:

  • Cert II Sport & Recreation
  • Lifeguard & Swim Instructor
  • Certificate Flexible Working Conditions
  • Fully Funded Training
  • Opportunities to Work Across Multiple Locations and a variety of departments
  • Permanent part time employment and benefits
  • Employment post traineeship
  • Further training opportunities post traineeship

Email traineeship@bluefit.com.au for more info

Training Schedule

On the Job

While we will always strive to reflect this training plan, your performance across all areas will influence how fast you progress through the department training. *Elective departments will be granted per trainee based on your yearly performance review, taking into account your interests, strengths and skills that would be best suited to each department.

Off the job – Training Schedule

In order for you to satisfy all elements of the traineeship, you will partake in training programs that will be fully funded.These programs will allow you to complete your core roles effectively, while also completing the required vocational education.

Pool Lifeguard Course

This course is completed on site over a 3 day period. Once you have completed your training you will be pla ced onto 3 shadow shifts with qualified and experienced lifeguards before being placed on a permanent shift on the roster. You will also have to complete regular on-the-job training and an update yearly.

Cert II in Sport and Recreation

This course is the qualification component of your traineeship and is worth 2 credit points towards your HSC ( non ATAR). All face-to-face training will be completed in one 1 week of each of the the year 11 school holiday blocks and be finalised by the time you start year 12.

Swim Australia Course

This course is completed on site over 1 day. You will need to complete a CD-ROM package before you attend the course. Once you have completed your training you will be required to finalise your qualification through 20 hours of overlap training in the water, before being placed on a permanent shift on the roster

Success Stories

Fatima Boussi

Fatima Boussi – Fatima joined the BlueFit trainee program in 2015. She has since completed her HSC exams and is one of our brightest stars.

Fatima received the 2015 BlueFit Trainee of the Year Award and was also nominated for the National Trainee of the Year Award and finished a very close runner up to the eventual winner.

Fatima attended Moorefield Girls high School and now works across many different departments. Fatima is a trained pool lifeguard, swim teacher, party supervisor, programs coach, nippers instructor and kids sports instructor.



Hudson Iona

Hudson has almost completed his first year of his School Based Traineeship. He has now advanced his skills beyond lifeguarding and has tried his hand as a café assistant, barista, party host and kids sports instructor.

Hudson attends Kingsgrove high school and has a passion for music and basketball. He has developed into an all round staff member and is looking forward to continuing his development as an all rounder at Bluefit and into the Future.

Jemma Malik

Jemma is at the end of her traineeship with BlueFit. Jemma completed her HSC at Kingsgrove High School and has a passion for Brazilian Juijitsu. Jemma started her traineeship at BlueFit as a pool lifeguard and has since developed into one of our most valuable trainees in the program.

Jemma is a keen swim instructor teaching all levels within the swim school as well as putting her hand up to work on our kids holidays programs, supervisors birthday parties and is one of the all time great nippers instructors run every summer at Greenwich Baths.



Emma Chan

Emma Chan begun her journey at BlueFit in 2015. Emma has since completed her HSC exams at Danebank Anglican College. Emma has aspirations to study at university next year and beyond and hopes to continue her employment at BlueFit in 2017. Emma has worked as a lifeguard and swim teacher as well as receptionist and birthday party host. Emma loves the fun environment BlueFit privdes and the many friends she has made along the way at Bluefit