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It’s time to finally dive into an accessible, welcoming swimming school in Bexley. The BlueFit aquatic program at Bexley Aquatic is exactly what you’ve been searching for. BlueFit operates a swimming club at Bexley Aquatic, with classes being available for all ages and abilities. The Learn to Swim program is offered to Bexley kids of varying levels, spanning infant, school-aged and adolescent classes. Infants will be able to enjoy water play in their BlueFit classes, developing a sense of confidence and awareness of the water.

School-aged children will have the opportunity to learn techniques and strokes like breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle, becoming functional and independent swimmers. Finally, adolescent classes are available to beginners and more confident swimmers alike. Your child will be placed in a class that best suits their abilities, with there being exciting new levels for them to progress through as their skills develop.

With swimming being an essential skill for all children, it’s time to book lessons with BlueFit for your little one. Also a wonderful way to stay social and active, your child will be able to enjoy their BlueFit classes throughout the whole year under the supervision of qualified instructors.

Why should I choose BlueFit for my swimming lessons?  

  • Offer classes at reasonable prices

  • Keep class sizes small to allow for personalised learning

  • Offer make up classes if you ever miss a class

  • Offer free access to the pool outside of lessons

  • Offer multi-child and multi-lesson discounts

  • Allow for clear progression through different levels

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Explore BlueFit’s adult classes at Bexley Aquatic

BlueFit also caters for adults who are afraid of the water, never had the chance to learn how to swim, or simply want to refine their swimming skills. From complete beginners to advanced swimmers, BlueFit will happily tailor their classes to suit you. It’s never too late to learn and develop your fitness, so don’t put off these vital lessons any longer!


Finally, students who have special needs will also find BlueFit to be the perfect aquatic program for them. Starting off as one-on-one lessons, students will eventually be integrated into group lessons that allow them to develop their confidence and social skills. 

Contact Bexley Aquatic for more information on the BlueFit program, or contact BlueFit Swimming directly at